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Q.    What is the We Are the Body of Christ campaign?
A.    The We Are the Body of Christ campaign is a historic initiative celebrating our past and securing our future, seeking to raise necessary funds to support our seminarians, strengthen our Catholic Schools and religious education programs, and nourish our parish communities.

Q.    What is the campaign goal, and where does the money go toward?
A.    The goal for the We Are the Body of Christ campaign is $18,000,000. This is a comprehensive capital campaign in which funds raised will support:
1.    Seminary education and diaconate formation
2.    Catholic education and religious formation
3.    Financial assistance for parish emergency needs and expansion

Q.    How is We Are the Body of Christ different from the Progress: Catholic Ministry Appeal?
A.    The Progress: Catholic Ministry Appeal, is a vital source of annual operating support for many programs and ministries of the Diocese. The We Are the Body of Christ campaign seeks to raise funds for extraordinary areas of need not covered by the Catholic Ministry Appeal.

Q.    Who will participate in the We Are the Body of Christ campaign?
A.    All members of our community will be invited to participate in the We Are the Body of Christ campaign.

Q.    Will my parish benefit from the We Are the Body of Christ campaign?
A.    Yes, your parish will receive 20% of all funds donated by parishioners up to the assigned goal. In addition, your parish gets to keep 50% of all money collected above the assigned goal.

Q.    How was each parish goal established for the We Are the Body of Christ campaign?
A.    Parish goals were set at approximately 140% of the previous two-year average offertory, rounded to the nearest $5,000.

Q.    How will this campaign impact the parish offertory?
A.     Parish offertory is necessary to keep our parish operating. Therefore, we ask that gifts to the campaign be above and beyond what you currently give to your parish. Maintaining, and even increasing parish offertory is our top priority.

Q.    Is the parish campaign goal an assessment?
A.    The parish campaign goal is not an assessment. All we ask is that parishes make a good faith effort to implement the campaign according to the campaign plan.


Q.    Why is each donor asked to complete a pledge card?
A.    Each donor is asked to complete a pledge card, so their gift will be appropriately recorded and acknowledged. The pledge card is an indication made in good faith, of your intent to give.


Q.    Why encourage pledges?
A.    Pledges allow families to give more than they could if giving one-time gifts. While we encourage pledged gifts, we welcome gifts of all types, whether pledged, or one-time.

Q.    Why emphasize personal visits?
A.     Personal visits are the most effective way to raise significant funds. Visits allow us to better explain the needs of the Church, respond to questions, and invite parishioners to support our campaign. Personal visits also give us the opportunity to build community and get to know our fellow parishioners better. Visits may take place in person or virtually by phone or computer.

Q.    How will pledges be collected?
A.    Completed pledge cards will be collected at the parish and sent in for processing. Reminder statements will be mailed to families for payments by checks and will include a preaddressed return envelope. Credit card payments and automatic withdrawal payments from bank accounts (EFT) are highly encouraged. Electronic payments reduce costs and save resources, preserving funding for ministries.

Q.    How can I be sure my campaign gift goes towards the needs outlined in the case for support?
A.    Gifts to We Are the Body of Christ Campaign are restricted and can only be used for the case elements outlined in the campaign literature.

Q.    To whom should checks be made payable?
A.    Checks for the campaign should be made payable to We Are the Body of Christ.


Q.    Are gifts of stock and planned gifts accepted?
A.    Donors may give appreciated securities, bequests and other deferred gifts. Donors considering such   gifts should contact the Office of the Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of El Paso at (915) 872-8412x137 or 


Q.    Why request an initial payment? Is it required?
A.    While not required, including an initial payment demonstrates that you are prepared to fulfill your commitment. Collecting funds up front also allow us to begin projects sooner. We recommend an initial payment of 10%. However, if that is too much, perhaps you could consider an initial payment equal to your first payment.


Q.    Are gifts to We Are the Body of Christ tax-deductible?
A.   All campaign gifts are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Donors should consult a tax professional if they have any questions about the tax treatment of their contributions.

Q.    What if I am unable to fulfill my original pledge amount?
A.    Unanticipated events or situations can occur. If financial circumstances change, a donor may contact  the Diocese to adjust, pause, or cancel their pledge.


Q.    Why does my request letter ask for a specific gift amount?
A.    Each household’s financial situation is different. While we are unaware of your situation, we are challenging families to consider gifts in relation to their financial situation. In other words, we are seeking equal sacrifice, not equal gifts.

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